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Gallinero- Graciano

Gallinero- Graciano


Gallinero– our first adventure with a Spanish grape, Graciano. Spanish wine is where the heart lies as 3 of my four grandparents came from Spain. My mothers parents had a cabin in Northern Arizona called El Gallinero, Spanish for henhouse- so named because when they first got it my grandmother said it looked like a chicken coop. Add to that the fact that my grandfather had three daughters and it was affectionately dubbed “the henhouse”. When we bought our land in Elgin, my wife and I made a deal- if I could plant grapes, she could raise chickens. So in honor of the Gallineros in our lives we created this plucky red. A sultry purple color with distinct floral and fruit- think violets and mulberries- this Graciano will warm the palate and the heart. Unfiltered and Unfined. Harvested from Flying Kite Vineyard in Elgin, AZ- Sonoita/Elgin AVA- with a crew of Southern Arizona friends.

Harvest Date: September 2nd 2017.
Tech Notes: Alcohol by volume (ABV) 15.8% pH 3.8 Titratable Acidity 6.2 grams/liter Residual Sugar <1 mg/100 ml
Tech Sheet: Click here to download PDF