Wine List

A family winemaking tradition inspired
by my grandfather Jose Najar Sanchez, AKA “Chapo”!


Alebrije: A brightly colored Mexican sculpture of a mythical animal.

The idea for Alebrije was born following a spiritual encounter with a hawk while visiting Hassayampa Vineyards to plan the harvest of the Tannat grapes used in this wine. The vineyard owner’s son had passed away unexpectedly not long before, and that chance meeting with what I felt was his spirit animal inspired me to create this wine for him. As bright and spirited as the man himself, this old world style red bled of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat also pays homage to my wife’s love of all things Tuscan. Harvest date- October.

Tech Notes: Alcohol by volume (ABV) 14.8% PH 3.8 Titratable Acidity 5.9 grams/liter Residual Sugar 30 mg/100 ml

Lift your glass for a tribute to Aaron Segura, red, youthful, bold, free-spirited, a non-vintage classic celebration of life, timeless. 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Sangiovese grapes sourced from Golden Rule Vineyards. Notes of black cherry and blackberry with lasting tannins. Made to age, Peace.


2018 Alemana

Alemana- Spanish for German- is a celebration of the Riesling grapes grown locally here in Arizona by Carlson Creek Vineyards, Willcox Bench AVA. This 2018 single varietal Riesling is bright, fruity, complex and balanced. Harvested for light body and brightness. Whole cluster cold maceration for two days to extract the sugar and flavor from the berries followed by a whole cluster press. Aged two years, stainless steel tank followed by 9 months in neutral oak. Unfiltered and Unfined. Harvest date- August 17th, 2018.

2017 Alemana

Our 2017 Alemana was created to be a play on whites- we made this dry Riesling in the style of a Chardonnay. It has a heavier body and pronounced oak notes . Aged in neutral oak barrels for three years, this wine exhibits a deeper color and flavor than the traditional bright fruitiness of our 2018 Alemana. Unfiltered and Unfined. Harvest date- August 9th 2017.


2016 Clandestino

Clandestino, meaning clandestine or secret, was picked by an allstar team of enology students and volunteers under a harvest moon from Hassayampa Vineyard and Farm in Northern Arizona. The name itself conjures the image of the harvesters working in the dark under the light of the moon, and also honors the Clandestinos from history that have come over the border to pick fruit. Barrel aged for four years in neutral oak, this wine is bold, tannic, rich and herbaceous with classic Barbera characteristics. It is a grape that does well in Arizona, maintaining its acidity even as it ripens more under our generous sun. This wine was minimally processed using gravity in lieu of pumps. Unfiltered and unfined. Harvest date- September 17th 2016.


2017 Gallinero

Gallinero- our first adventure with a Spanish grape, Graciano. Spanish wine is where the heart lies as 3 of my four grandparents came from Spain. My mothers parents had a cabin in Northern Arizona called El Gallinero, Spanish for henhouse- so named because when they first got it my grandmother said it looked like a chicken coop. Add to that the fact that my grandfather had three daughters and it was affectionately dubbed “the henhouse”. When we bought our land in Elgin, my wife and I made a deal- if I could plant grapes, she could raise chickens. So in honor of the Gallineros in our lives we created this plucky red. A sultry purple color with distinct floral and fruit- think violets and mulberries- this Graciano will warm the palate and the heart. Unfiltered and Unfined. Harvested from Flying Kite Vineyard in Elgin, AZ- Sonoita/Elgin AVA- with a crew of Southern Arizona friends. Harvest Date- September 2nd 2017.

La Mariposa

2019 La Mariposa

La Mariposa- Our 2019 Chardonnay embodies the spirit of the butterfly. Barrel fermented and barrel aged in neutral oak, the natural malolactic fermentation imparts the buttery flavor found in a traditional Chardonnay but it is light bodied and delicate like its namesake. Harvested from Tucker’s Vineyard in Pearce, AZ after a series of heavy monsoon storms that knocked out the trellises, this wine is also a testament to the endurance of its grapes. Harvest date- August 7th 2019.

La Mina

2018 La Mina

100% Tempranillo Grapes sourced from, 50% Al Buhl Memorial Vineyard, 50% Milic (Juan Alba) Vineyard. Notes of raspberry, balanced acid with a creamy mouthfeel.


2017 Talia

Our 2017 Talia- named for our youngest daughter Natalie- was made with award winning Sangiovese grapes from Hassayampa Vineyard and Farm in Northern Arizona. This wine is barrel aged and was made as a lighter, french style rose. This was our first Rose, picked by a group of friends, and was made with love. Specifically harvested for a Rose, this wine turned out to be soft and delicate and opens up into a beautiful medley of flavors, blending the characteristic strawberry of a sangiovese with a light toasted marshmallow from the oak. Harvest date- September 4, 2017.

2018 Talia

We loved our 2017 Talia so much we decided to continue our love affair with the Sangiovese Rose and try another vintage in 2018, this time with Southern Arizona grapes. These grapes came from Golden Rule Vineyard in Cochise, AZ, a vineyard with a distinctive terroir that you can taste in the wine. The hotter sun and lower rainfall in the area means the grapes ripen faster and with higher brix, translating to a fuller body and a more intense flavor. Barrel aged in neutral oak this wine went through a natural malolactic fermentation and has a buttery, creamy texture to it’s strawberry base notes. Harvest date- September 17, 2018.